Reflections & Projections: Technical Report Writing Trends in 2023 & Outlook for 2024

Join us for an in-depth on-demand webinar titled 'Reflections & Projections: Technical Report Writing Trends in 2023 & Outlook for 2024,' where we take a close look at the business landscape, dissecting the highs and lows experienced throughout 2023. We examine Quire Client estimates from the year's outset and contrast year-over-year customer report volume to uncover the accuracy of these expectations.

Our session features a deep dive into AI in Technical Report Writing, spotlighting the evolution and impact of AI-generated writing versus human writing. Furthermore, we explore the captivating revolution within the construction industry, specifically the Drone Revolution, and analyze how reports surged amidst uncertain market conditions.

Gain invaluable insights from Quire professionals as they share predictions about the potential business landscape in 2024. This webinar offers a chance to acquire comprehensive insights, strategic foresight, and expert opinions crucial for shaping your approach in the forthcoming year. 

Meet the Expert

Kelly L Stratton

Kelly L. Stratton

Quire Founder, President & Chief Product Officer

She’s done time in the field as a civil and environmental engineer. She knows first-hand what it’s like trying to integrate data and details manually at 4 a.m. the day the report’s due. She’s in it to win it—which is why she took out a second mortgage to build Quire.

She didn’t do it alone. There’s an entire team of recovering report writers, engineers and customer services reps that make Quire the game-changing solution that it is.

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